mixed-use complex

The project fills the ARTVILLE residential complex with the functions of an urban center and the necessary infrastructure. The complex is divided into 3 levels: a transport hub and shopping galleries with a farmer's market, social facilities, residential floors with private terraces.

On the lower level of the Urban Market, there is a large farmers' market selling locally sourced produce. Farmers from the Odessa region bring here fresh fruits and vegetables, meat and dairy products, local fish and seafood.

At the second level, all the necessary social infrastructure facilities are presented: a kindergarten, a school, a clinic, a sports complex and offices.

The upper level is the residential floors, where each apartment has its own terrace for relaxing, doing yoga, growing flowers or vegetables.

209 609 m2

total construction area

Infrastructure "city within a city"

3 313 m2

open terraces

3 206 m2

social facilities

4 387m2

shopping center area

2 034 m2

sports center area

1 891

office space

13 705

green terraces for residents

Project master plan


The concept envisages the creation of new cities, where it is equally comfortable to live, teach children, develop your business, play sports or relax in the company of a friendly neighborhood community.


All the necessary infrastructure for living, children's education, health, shopping and entertainment are only a few steps away from your home!

Transport hub

On the first level there is a transport hub: a huge underground parking and a public transport stop with a well-developed network of urban and suburban routes.

Farmer's market

There is an open-air shopping center with shopping galleries and a large farmers' market, where manufacturers from all the Odessa region bring their fresh fruits and vegetables, meat and dairy products, fish and seafood.

Kindergarten, school and clinic

The second level of the complex is filled with social infrastructure. Kindergarten, school, offices, a small hotel, medical and sports center help you to solve all household and business tasks, with no need to leave the complex.

Sports without limits

The open terraces have spacious yoga areas, varieties of outdoor exercise equipment and a treadmill. There is also an indoor fitness center for sports at any time and any season.

Open air cinema

On the outdoor terraces of the complex, you can play with children or read a book while swinging in a hammock, and in the evening invite your friends to a fun barbecue party or organize a romantic open-air screening of a new movie.

Terraces for walking

The complex has open public terraces with playgrounds, quiet areas for recreation, a green promenade and an observation deck.

  • Key Benefits
  • Transport hub
  • Farmer's market
  • Kindergarten, school and clinic
  • Sports without limits
  • Open air cinema
  • Terraces for walking


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Urban Market

Urban Market

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Construction technologies

Monolithic reinforced concrete frame with aerated concrete filling

Gas boiler room on the roof

Elevators of the European level

Energy saving panoramic windows

Uninterruptible power supply system

Exterior insulation of houses

Individual apartment planning

Ability to choose three types of apartment decoration

Investments in the development of the region

Was build park named after Dobriansky in SMT Avangard

Conducted new networks of electricity supply, water supply, sewerage, sewerage, gasification for residents of the town and the surrounding area

Reconstruction of the emergency collector on the Samolyotnaya str.

Together with the Avangard village council, the stadium in Avangard was reconstructed.


Odesa, 7 km of the Ovidiopol road



5 min

Bus station

15 min

Bus station

20 min



40 min

Opera theatre

25 min

City center

20 min

Shopping and entertainment


2 min

Nearest beach

40 min


1 min



2 min


5 min


20 min


The course of construction