Open, sustainable, mutually beneficial relationships with real estate agents are an integral part of the ZEZMAN Holding`s strategy of effective partnership. The company's excellent reputation, high liquidity, a wide selection of residential and commercial real estate assets allow us to offer favorable conditions for working with realtors.

More than 4,000 residents praised the aesthetics, safety and comfort of our complexes. Favorable installment terms, special prices with full payment and a large selection of different layouts will help you quickly choose the right asset for your client.

305 536 m2

residential and commercial real estate
available for sale


Today, liquid assets are available for sale to your customers.



1 519+


6 490 м²+

commercial premises


parking space

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You can quickly reserve an asset or prepare an installment payment for a client using our fast realtors' services.


Select an asset

At the client's request, on the apartment diagram select the type of the apartment, the number of rooms, determine the need for a terrace and determine the layout of the apartment.

Calculate the installment plan

To stimulate sales, ZEZMAN has convenient installment programs, you can get a discount or buy on credit. Terms and cost are simply calculated on a loan calculator.

Book an asset and secure the customer

After choosing an apartment and the terms of purchase in a special form or by phone with your manager, book an asset for the client. And also do not forget to fix the client that the transaction was tied to you.

Make a deal

Before concluding a contract, be sure to record the time of the transaction and send the client's documents (passport photo and tax ID) to your manager at the Sales Center.

Make money with ZEZMAN

Upon completion of the transaction, you will receive a monetary reward for assisting in the sale of ZEZMAN assets.

  • Select an asset
  • Calculate the installment plan
  • Book an asset and secure the customer
  • Make a deal
  • Make money with ZEZMAN



‌ How to become a partner How to become a partner

Contact the manager

Provide documents

Sign a contract

Receive information

on current assets in Telegram

Start earning

How to Become an Independent Agent

If you are not an employee of a real estate agency, you can earn money with ZEZMAN assets by working as an independent agent. In this case, you will receive bonuses for successful deals to use towards purchasing your own assets

Sign the Cooperation Agreement

Contact a specialist from the ZEZMAN sales center to learn the detailed terms of collaboration for the independent agent or referral program, as well as the list of required documents for preparing the Agreement

Reserve an Asset for Your Client

On this page, use the special form and click the 'Reserve Apartment' button. Fill in the details for the asset your client has chosen.

Receive Confirmation

Within 2 days after submitting the form, our specialist will call you or you will receive a confirmation message. The transaction reward will be credited only in the case of confirmed reservation.

Complete the Transaction

At the ZEZMAN sales center, complete the transaction for your client's reserved asset. If your client independently reserved the asset within the last 30 business days, you will receive a referral program reward.

Receive Your Reward

In the event of a successful client transaction, you will receive bonuses in currency equivalent to use towards purchasing your own asset. This way, by selling more assets to clients, you can acquire your own real estate in ZEZMAN projects using the earned bonuses.

  • Sign the Cooperation Agreement
  • Reserve an Asset for Your Client
  • Receive Confirmation
  • Complete the Transaction
  • Receive Your Reward


Invite customers on a tour! They will be able to better feel the atmosphere of the complex, visit the demonstration apartment and take a walk through the park.

Schedule of excursions

12:00, 14:00, 16:00.

The duration of the tour is 30 minutes. No days off. No record.

Important: do not forget to secure a client before the tour.

Secure the client


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