ZEZMAN is an international investment and development holding that is engaged in the effective development of territories through the creation of residential and commercial projects, recreational and social infrastructure.

By creating projects in the #ZEZMAN_City concept, we want to provide a new civilizational model for the development of territories that will help us enter the list of developed European countries.


The philosophy, aesthetics and functionality of our projects are based on the three core values of ZEZMAN. They form the basis of everything we do: from finding the best land plot and using green technologies to organizing public spaces and recreation areas for the residents.

Comfort and well-being


We create cozy houses, residential complexes and modern towns to inspire people to live better. It is important for us that the residents feel more open, happier and can fulfill themselves in a community of like-minded people.

Innovation and technology


Our projects are designed and developed according to the principles of sustainable development, environment friendliness and careful attitude to the nature. This allows the projects to grow, develop and unlock the potential of the region in future.

aesthetics and functionality


Each “ZEZMAN” development project is an integral ecosystem filled with all the required infrastructure, permeated with aesthetics and accompanied with first-class service. This approach ensures high liquidity and investment attractiveness of the assets.


The functions of all holding companies allow for a holistic transformation of territories: from searching for a land plot and planning the ergonomics of housing to managing a city and providing an educational, commercial, and recreational structure. Today the holding operates in five key areas.

search for new promising territories


search for new promising territories for the design and construction of cities of the future, the creation of modern social infrastructure

development of business culture


development of an innovative business culture by building the infrastructure of industrial and technology parks

development of a single digital platform


development of a single digital platform for the interaction of business, government, service companies and residents of created cities

creation of relevant investment products


creation of relevant investment products to finance the creation of socially significant real estate projects

ensuring the comfort and safety of residents


ensuring the comfort and safety of residents of created cities and developing the ecosystem of all projects


We create all projects in a single concept that reflects our values and progressive approaches to organizing people's lives. In our cities, a person becomes a part of various communities of interest and the territory is filled with various functional clusters to ensure all-round comfort. Such an ecosystem is able to develop steadily for decades by creating a modern infrastructure and providing the necessary services at all levels.


Today, the holding's portfolio of projects includes residential campuses, a multifunctional complex, an educational center, a landscape park and co-working. We build on existing projects and are already working on dozens of new initiatives to improve people's lives.



2 residential areas

Our complexes will become a favorite home for 18,000 people. They have a modern infrastructure for comprehensive comfort, entertainment and recreation for all groups of residents.

Today we are building two residential complexes in the Odessa agglomeration according to the principles of modern urbanism.

Modern urbanism
Our investors

Ergonomic apartments with ready renovation, aesthetics and functional filling of the territories, developed infrastructure for life, work and education of children attract a large number of investors to ZEZMAN HOLDING projects.

The implementation of the ZEZMAN CITY concept ensures a high demand for residential and commercial real estate in the comlexes.

Buildings in operation

More than 4,500 people have already become residents of ZEZMAN CITY. To ensure comfort and safety, each project has its own management company, which helps to resolve all domestic issues - from calling technical specialists to finding tenants for housing investors.

We have already handed over the keys to more than 1,700 apartments with a ready renovation to the residents of ZEZMAN HOLDING projects.

Handover of keys
Our team

High qualifications and experience of employees, involvement of top Ukrainian and European specialists in urban planning and city design, constant training and vibrant corporate life attract the best industry professionals to the team.

Strength, courage and professionalism of the ZEZMAN HOLDING team allow us to design and create large-scale projects that change people's lives for the better

Houses under construction

The professional management and experience of the ZEZMAN HOLDING team allow us to continuously implement large-scale projects and quickly adapt to any changes.

The scale and current concepts of the projects inspire us to develop rapidly the cities of the future.

Scales and concepts
Land under management

ZEZMAN HOLDING projects complement, develop and increase the potential of each specific territory, taking into account its history and development prospects. Our task is to harmoniously fit new cities into the context of the environment, to make it attractive for life, work and business.

We create a unique identity and improve the quality of every hectare of land under our own management.

Development of territories
Commercial infrastructure

When designing commercial premises, we take into account that not only thousands of residents of complexes, but also the audience of nearby areas will become our partners' clients. This approach ensures high demand and wide opportunities for business development in ZEZMAN HOLDING projects.

The format and scale of ZEZMAN HOLDING projects provide a high demand for goods and services of commercial infrastructure facilities.

Commerce in projects
Parks and green areas

In each ZEZMAN HOLDING project, we create parks and areas for recreation, sports and picnics. We have already built a Capsular park in the complex of ARTVILLE, we are working on the creation of the KEKS boulevard and a large recreational project on the banks of the water.

High-quality varied recreation and well-being of residents is our main focus in the design of recreational areas.

Parks and recreation areas


Global compact UN

The United Nations defines the Sustainable Development as a way to effectively develop and scale the business taking into account the needs of the future generations.
Therefore, even today, with the sustainable construction of the towns and infrastructure, we think about the possibilities of its development for the next decades ahead, we take a care of the economical use of the natural resources and the social needs of the future generations.

Appeal of the CEO


On February 24, 2022, a full-scale war began in Ukraine.

Strong management, courage and experience of the holding team made it possible not to stop working even for a day. We managed to adapt quickly to the new realities of life. This applies not only to the organization of the safety of employees and residents, but also to the design of housing and the work of the company during a time of constant threat.

We continued to build cities, hand over the keys to new renovated apartments, joined the development of national and European programs for the restoration of destroyed cities.

Learn more about the work of the holding in our digest

Phase 2 of the Capsular park
Phase 2 of the Capsular park
Phase 2 of the Capsular park

In July 2021, we completed the second phase of the Capsular park. A workout zone with horizontal bars and bars, a unique attraction "Moon Crater" with "underground" tunnels, houses, bodyboards and children's furniture for story games, swing-nests and swing-tires, a spectator stand for the future football field appeared in the complex. The latter can also be used as a summer theater. A sports hall, sushi delivery, Ukrposhta branch, and a pet store have opened along the park.

Admire the Capsular park at the ARTVILLE website

Phase 2 of Capsular park
Apartments with terraces
Apartments with terraces

We have opened a new level of comfort for you, which is available in apartments with terraces above the Urban Market. Your own terrace is a private courtyard where you can play sports, play with children, receive guests or arrange family dinners.

The residents of the apartments above the Urban Market have their own courtyards between heaven and earth - public terraces. They are located on different floors of the Urban Market and are interconnected. There is a yoga park, an event area, an indoor sports complex, playgrounds and barbecue areas. Part of the terraces is available only to residents of the complex or a particular house.

More about apartments with terraces


We launched a major project that will provide infrastructure for the complexes of ARTVILLE and KEKS - Urban Market. It contains everything necessary for a comfortable life: a school and a kindergarten, a clinic and a sports center, a farmers' market and a food court, shops and cafes.

infrastructure project
Residential town KEKS
Residential town KEKS

In 2020, we continued to develop the idea of country life with urban comfort. This is how KEKS appeared - a residential complex with character. You yourself form the condition of your apartment: rough finish, fine repair or a complete set - repair, furniture and appliances. The five-story buildings of the residential complex form closed courtyards without cars. In them, residents have barbecue areas, gazebos, playgrounds, animal walking areas, many benches and sports grounds.

Find out more about the KEKS residential complex

KEKS Residential town
Capsular park
Capsular park

The Capsular park makes the ARTVILLE residential complex special. His idea is that each capsule has its own content, depending on the type of activity: communication, sports, active or story games, walking pets.

The construction of the park is divided into 3 phases. We handed over the first one in 2019 - hanging cocoon chairs, sports and children's playgrounds, and an art installation appeared in the complex. A co-working space, a children's development center and a coffee shop have opened along the park

Admire the Capsular park at the ARTVILLE website

Park Artville
First phase of ARTVILLE
First phase of ARTVILLE
First phase of ARTVILLE

The first ARTVILLE houses were commissioned and occupied in December 2018. Since that moment, the infrastructure of the complex has been actively developing: essential services, shops, coffee houses, a children's development center, co-working appear.

Also in 2018, we rebranded and became the ZEZMAN group of companies. Translated into English - "The time has come." It's time to create the complexes of the future, adopting the best foreign practices. It's time for a comfortable life.

Find out how ARTVILLE has grown since 2018

First phase
Residential complex ARTVILLE
Residential complex ARTVILLE
Residential complex ARTVILLE

We decided that we could offer Ukrainians better residential real estate by building towns that take into account all the interests of residents. This is how the idea of ​​our first project, ARTVILLE, came about.

ARTVILLE is a comfort-class residential complex. In addition to 4,000 apartments, it has all the infrastructure for life: Capsular park and public terraces, a school, a kindergarten, a clinic, a sports center, a transport hub, co-working, grocery stores, pharmacies, and even one of the ROZETKA banch. Security is monitored by our own security service, and our management company deals with domestic issues.

complex ARTVILLE
Residential complex PARIS
Residential complex PARIS

One of our projects is a residential complex abandoned by a previous developer. Its construction was frozen for 5 years. For 2 years, we have turned the unfinished building into an elite residential complex on French Boulevard and named it "Paris". The house is still monitored by our management company, and security is provided by the security team.

Find out more about Paris

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