residential complex of comfort class

Here you can comfortably live, work, raise children or relax in retirement, without leaving anywhere. The multifunctional complex Urban Market is located on the territory, where there is everything you need - a kindergarten, a school, a clinic, a coworking space, a shopping center, a farmer's market and its own park.

Apartments in the complex are already being renovated, and the apartments above the Urban Market have personal terraces.

A special feature of ARTVILLE is its emphasis on aesthetics. Every corner in the complex is decorated with murals of famous artists, and the park is designed with unusual architecture and original design.

209 609 m2

total construction area

"City within a city" infrastructure



11 070


9 255м2

park with art objects

4 428


6,8 he

town square

28 136м²

infrastructure and social facilities



The concept envisages the creation of new cities, where it is equally comfortable to live, teach children, develop your business, play sports or relax in the company of a friendly neighborhood community.


Comfort-class residential complex with its own park, art facilities and well-developed infrastructure.

European aesthetic

A special feature of ARTVILLE is the emphasis on aesthetics and creativity. Every corner of the complex is decorated with huge murals. Well-known muralists and street artists from Odessa, Ukraine and Europe became their authors.

All-inclusive infrastructure

ARTVILLE infrastructure is designed so that residents spend a minimum of time and effort on household chores. Today the complex already has a kindergarten, a primary school, various shops, a pharmacy, a sports club and a cafe.

Urban Market living mall

Urban Market, a multifunctional complex unique for the region, serves as the city center of ARTVILLE. It has all the necessary infrastructure: a farmers' market and shops, a school and kindergarten, a clinic and a fitness club.

Artville park

Thanks to the division of the park into thematic capsules, it can be a zone of children's adventures, a place for recreation, a sports complex with a football field and on holidays - a concert venue for large parties of friends and neighbors ZEZMAN.

Co-working ZEZMAN / hub

There is an open co-working ZEZMAN / Hub on the territory, where comfortable conditions for remote work and study are created. There is a small conference room, a projector and a separate lecture hall for workshops.

Apartments with renovation

Apartments in the complex are rented with ready-made renovation. You can choose from three different options of finishing materials, and in the houses above URBAN MARKET choose a design renovation to your liking and enter the dream apartment without noise, dust and unnecessary drain.

ARTVILLE Urban School

On the territory of the complex is an educational center. Here children from 1 to 3 classes study, and also there is a zero class and various extracurricular activities - karate, guitar playing, dancing.

  • Main advantages
  • European aesthetic
  • All-inclusive infrastructure
  • Urban Market living mall
  • Artville park
  • Co-working ZEZMAN / hub
  • Apartments with renovation
  • ARTVILLE Urban School


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Today, the city is successfully implementing the concept of ZEZMAN CITY - when educational, commercial, sports and entertainment infrastructure is compactly located and operates in one area.



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Monolithic reinforced concrete frame with aerated concrete filling

Gas boiler room on the roof

Spacious modern elevators

Energy saving panoramic windows

Uninterruptible power supply system

Exterior insulation of houses

European and classic apartment planning

Ability to choose three types of apartment decoration

Investments in the development of the region

A square named after Dobriansky in SMT Avangard

Conducted new networks of electricity supply, water supply, sewerage, sewerage, gasification for residents of the town and the surrounding area

Reconstruction of the emergency collector on the Samolyotnaya str.

Together with the Avangard village council, the stadium in Avangard was reconstructed.


Odesa, 7 km of the Ovidiopol road



5 min

Bus station

15 min

Bus station

20 min



40 min

Opera theatre

25 min

City center

20 min

Shopping and entertainment


2 min

Nearest beach

40 min


1 min



2 min


5 min


20 min


The course of construction