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Direct investment in assets

Investing in real estate is a great way to make money work for you.

Even before the house is handed over, the apartment manages to grow in price, which gives the opportunity to "get out of the project" at any time and make a profit.

We offer for investment residential and commercial real estate, parking lots and storage rooms.

Dynamics of the price of apartments with renovation in ARTVILLE

High reputation and reliability of the developer, the current concept and comprehensive infrastructure of complexes, modern plans and ready repairs provide high demand for apartments, which directly affects the continuous growth of asset value in Zezman projects.

Smart 23 m2
One-room apartment
1-r. 29 m2
Two-roomed flat
2-r. 44 m2
Three bedroom apartment
3-r. 55 m2


Selling an asset

Investors in Zezman projects also make money by reselling their assets at peak value.

With this approach, it is possible to make a profit of up to 30% of the purchase price of an apartment for up to 3 years.

We have developed profitable installment programs that allow you to pay for the purchase of the asset in installments for up to 48 months.

Example of installments

With the first payment of 50% and installment payment for the remaining amount, the base value of the apartment will increase by 4-7%, and its market price for this period - by 15-30%, depending on the type of asset.

One-room apartment with a terrace

Purchase “с from the pit”

17 673$

february 2019

Sale of finished apartment

22 218$

june 2021


4 545$

Smart, 23 м²
One-room apartment in Artville

Purchase “с from the pit”

21 984$

may 2019

Sale of finished apartment

27 115$

august 2021


5 131$

1-r, 29 м²
Two-room apartment with a terrace

Purchase “с from the pit”

32 902$

may 2019

Sale of finished apartment

41 272$

march 2021


8 370$

2-r, 44 м²
Three-room apartment with a terrace

Purchase “с from the pit”

42 179$

july 2019

Sale of finished apartment

51 700$

march 2021


9 522$

3-r, 55 м²


Passive income

ZEZMAN renovated apartments are a great solution for passive rental income.

Our professional real estate management company allows investors to complete the apartment with furniture and appliances in a remote format, solve any technical issue, find real estate tenants even while in another region.