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ZEZMAN holding projects are the reflection of our philosophy and mission of creating cities that improve people's lives.

Today we are building comfort-class residential complexes like ARTVILLE for 11,000 residents and KEKS for 7,000 residents, a multifunctional complex URBAN MARKET with a full-fledged infrastructure for comfortable living and recreation in one area, we are developing an educational center for children ARTVILLE Urban School, a coworking ZEZMAN / hub and an architectural landscape park on the territory of the complex ARTVILLE.

All projects of the ZEZMAN holding are filled with aesthetics and functionality and a team of professional architects, urban planners and urbanists is working on their design. We want people in our projects to be surrounded by comfort, feel care and security. Such an atmosphere of our projects contributes to the creation and development of the ZEZMAN Community - a community of friendly and responsible neighbors.

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