A mission of ZEZMAN Holding is to build the cities that inspire people to live better.

To achieve this mission, we must do more than ordinary businesses. That is why in 2021 our holding joined the United Nations’ Global Treaty network and now we are building our strategy in accordance with the goals of the Sustainable Development and the principles of the Treaty.


Global compact UN

The United Nations defines the Sustainable Development as a way to effectively develop and scale the business taking into account the needs of the future generations.
Therefore, even today, with the sustainable construction of the towns and infrastructure, we think about the possibilities of its development for the next decades ahead, we take a care of the economical use of the natural resources and the social needs of the future generations.

Appeal of the CEO


A modern responsible business cannot develop and make the money if it does not worry about the well-being of its employees, the comfort of its customers, transparent and fair conditions of cooperation with the partners.



Working in the sustainable companies allows people to work on the large-scale, socially important projects and quickly grow professionally. Such companies offer better working conditions and provide more social guarantees.



A participation in the Global Treaty imposes on the companies an additional responsibility for a compliance of the product with the highest quality standards, use of the green technologies and concern for the social corporate responsibility.



A cooperation with the companies that have joined the Sustainable Development strategy improves the investment attractiveness of the business, guarantees more transparent, open and long-term relations.

Today in the world there are 17 goals of the Sustainable Development and 10 principles of the United Nations’ Global Treaty, which are adhered to by all global companies that have decided to develop the business with the future of their employees, community and the whole world in mind.

ZEZMAN Holding became the first developer in Ukraine that also took a responsibility for developing according to the principles of the sustainable development and is already taking concrete steps to achieve its goal.


An ensuring of an inclusive and equitable quality education and promoting of the lifelong learning opportunities to everybody.

From September 2021, ARTVILLE Urban School, a modern first grade school, has been operating in ARTVILLE. A school is designed for 50 children who can study under the New Ukrainian School program in the comfortable conditions, right next to their home. Each ZEZMAN project provides a developed educational infrastructure so that children of all ages can gain the comprehensive knowledge and develop the creative abilities.

Діти у школі
1 вересня у школі
Діти у класі
Уроки мистецтва
Уроки творчості
Дитячий майданчик


A creating of the sustainable infrastructure, promoting of the comprehensive and sustainable industrialization and innovation.

For the sustainable life and development of the housing projects of ZEZMAN Holding, we are building a new modern technical infrastructure. We are laying the new reliable communication networks for the water supply, sewage and energy supply.

Будівельні роботи
Будівництво парку
Прокладаємо каналізацію

GOAL 11:

An ensuring of the openness, safety, viability and ecological sustainability of the cities and settlements.

A goal of each ZEZMAN project is to improve the people's lives: the residents of the towns and the entire community. For this, we build the comfortable housing, sports and social infrastructure, hold various holidays and educational events.
In 2020, we renovated the sports ground and opened a large sports space on the territory of the Avanhard regional territorial community with the multi-purpose field, workout area and skate park. This initiative was awarded - Partnership for Sustainability Award 2021.

Мама з малям
Діти в парку
Мешканці на святі
Мешканці Artville
Мешканці у парку Artville
Комюніті мешканців
Літні мешканці

GOAL 16:

A promoting of the peaceful and open society for the sustainable development, ensuring an access to the justice to all and building of the effective, accountable and participatory institutions at all levels.

Another important goal of ZEZMAN Holding is to eliminate a corruption at all levels of our work: from the local to the state authorities. In order to build a transparent and open business without corruption, we have created a separate Compliance department, which conducts the constant audits for a compliance of the processes with the strictest legal requirements.

Відкриття поліцейського відділення в Artville
Комісія з аудиту

GOAL 17:

A strengthening of the means of the implementation and activation of the work within the framework of the Global Partnership is in the interests of the sustainable development

We are building a strategic partnership with the community and the representatives of the authorities of the Avanhard regional territorial community, on the territory of which we are developing the projects that change the quality of the life of thousands of people for the better.

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