residential complex with its own character

KEKS is a complex of 10 blocks of five-story brick buildings. Every 4 houses form a closed green courtyard without cars. The houses have lifts, free wheelchairs and autonomous heating of apartments.

There are 6 types of layouts to choose from, from 16 to 66 sq. It is also possible to select the necessary repairs: rough finishing, ready-made repairs or an apartment with renovation, furniture and appliances.

The filling of the KEKS comlex meets the needs of modern urban residents - in each courtyard there is a barbecue area with a barbecue and a gazebo, a kitchen garden for growing fresh herbs and vegetables, and on the territory of the complex there is a sports and children's playground, a green labyrinth, and an area for walking pets.

209 609 m2

total construction area




6 825


8 454 m2

park with art objects

2 730


8 he

town square

18 464

infrastructure and social facilities



The concept envisages the creation of new cities, where it is equally comfortable to live, teach children, develop your business, play sports or relax in the company of a friendly neighborhood community.

Country life

with urban comfort

The main feature of KEKS is the ability to choose the filling of the apartment, depending on the budget, suggestions and lifestyle.

Closed green yards

without cars

KEKS yards are places for communication and friendship, appetizing barbecue, growing home-grown greens and vegetables.

Barbecue area

in each yard

In each yard there is an unusual barbecue barrel for barbecue parties with friends and neighbors. The comfortable microclimate of the closed yards allows to cook favorite dishes on fire around the year.

European lifestyle

The eKEKS apartment is cozy and safe and outside it - fresh air and green areas. 10 minutes from the complex is the Rowing Canal natural reservoir, where you can rent water transport or go fishing. A little further is a forest with an area of ​​1000 ha.

Kitchen gardens

Next to the barbecue area there is a place for kitchen gardens so that residents can grow fresh greens and own vegetables for a picnic.

Central boulevard

In the center of the residential town KEKS there is a wide boulevard with gazebos, cafes and bakeries, green areas, ornamental trees and evergreen labyrinths. There is also a sports area, playgrounds, special places for walking and training dogs.

Choice of finished repair

We have developed 6 types of layouts from 16 to 66 sq.m. and 3 types of their content: rough finish, turnkey renovation or an apartment with renovation, furniture and appliances.

  • Country life with urban comfort
  • Closed green yards without cars
  • Barbecue area in each yard
  • European lifestyle
  • Kitchen gardens
  • Central boulevard
  • Choice of finished repair


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Construction technologies

Monolithic reinforced concrete frame

Own electrical substation

OTIS elevators

Autonomous heating in each apartment

Insulation with basalt mineral wool slabs

Pile foundation

European and classical planning

Apartments with ready renovation

Investments in the development of the region

Was build a park named after Dobriansky in SMT Avangard

Conducted new networks of electricity supply, water supply, sewerage, sewerage, gasification for residents of the town and the surrounding area

Reconstruction of the emergency collector on the Samolyotnaya str.

Together with the Avangard village council, the stadium in Avangard was reconstructed.


Odesa, 7 km of the Ovidiopol road



5 min

Bus station

15 min

Bus station

20 min



40 min

Opera theatre

25 min

City center

20 min

Shopping and entertainment


2 min

Nearest beach

40 min


1 min



2 min


5 min


20 min

Life in KEKS

The course of construction