Construction progress


GASI certificate on commissioning of house No.10
The decision to assign an address to house No.10
Лицензия на создание объектов архитектуры
Permission to perform construction works dated 11/14/2017
Permission to perform construction works dated 25.01.2019
Разрешение на выполнение строительных работ от 12.08.2021

Stages of construction

Commissioning date I qtr. 2021
Building 10
Pre-project work
Development of project documentation
Preparatory work
Basement construction
Construction of the building frame
Construction of external walls
Construction of internal walls
Windows installation
Roof construction
Facades construction
Black box decoration performing
Arrangement of internal engineering networks
Installation of elevator equipment
Publics fine finishing performing
Flats white box decoration performing
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The house of the first stage of construction was handed over and occupied in 2019. This is one of the first buildings of the project. She is one of the four houses decorated with ARTVILLE business cards - full-height murals. The house is very comfortable, has its own free wheelchair and boiler room. The facade and roof are well insulated.

Building No. 10 is a comfortable new building, in which residents bought apartments under the best conditions in Odessa. Currently, all assets here are sold. But we still have several free offers in other houses of the project. Choose your apartment and live brightly in ARTVILLE.

Free ARTVILLE houses