House No. 12 of the residential town KEKS is an excellent option for buying your own apartment in a new building near Odessa. The house has many unique advantages:

  • Only 5 floors. Here, neighbors know each other, and all common issues are solved simply thanks to a small number of people.
  • Gas heating boilers are included in the price of the apartment. Turn the heating on and off when convenient.
  • Additional heating of front rooms.
  • Cozy green yard with key access. Only you and your neighbors can get here. There is not a single car in the yard, but there are many opportunities for sports, recreation and communication.
  • The infrastructure of KEKS is developed, supplemented by the infrastructure of Avangard and the district.
  • Free large room for strollers, bicycles and electric scooters.

Do you want to live in KEKS? Buy an apartment in this new building immediately with ready repairs and move in as quickly as possible.