Building No. 6 is a 12-story building designed in a bright style. It is located in the northern part of the ARTVILLE residential area.

Buying an apartment in this new building in Odessa is worth at least for the energy efficiency. The walls and ceiling are qualitatively insulated with several layers of quality materials. The house has its own boiler room, which is located on the roof.

To move into an apartment, all you have to do is buy a bed. And a refrigerator. Because it appears with ready repairs. Wallpaper, color of laminate, tiles and much more can be chosen from the offered options. Air conditioners, a boiler, a cooking surface, and a kitchen can also be included in the package.

Commercial premises are on the first floor. They go out onto Spreys Street, which thousands of people travel through every day. Here, your business is guaranteed a high profit.

The building has apartments with a view of the spacious Ukrainian steppe and a cozy courtyard. Choose your apartment in ARTVILLE!