ARTVILLE is an ensemble of 26 buildings, as well as a multifunctional living mall, located in cozy Avangard. Each house is characterized by a modern style with an emphasis on simple architectural forms and bright colors.

In order to achieve high energy efficiency, building #22 is equipped with its own boiler room, insulated walls and a waterproof insulated three-layer roof. The windows are made of high-quality metal-plastic, and the front ones are heated, providing comfort and keeping warm.

Apartments in the new building No. 22 are offered for purchase with ready repairs - this is not the case in every residential complex in Odessa. You can choose from various options and color palettes for repair materials, as well as consider the possibility of additional equipment with furniture and household appliances.

The first floor of building No. 22 is intended for commercial premises that benefit from access to the Artville Park. Here you have the opportunity to establish your own profitable business or invest in premises for further rental.