Aesthetics, convenience and functionality are all about house #21 of the residential town of ARTVILLE. Inside the building, in addition to the apartment, you have a convenient elevator, including a freight one, free wheelchairs on the -1st floor. Additionally, you can purchase a storage room on the basement floor or on one of the floors of the building.

Apartments here are rented with ready repairs. So after moving, you don't have to wait for the neighbors to finish their repairs.

House 21 is L-shaped. Therefore, here you can find an apartment with windows to any side of the world. Adjacent to it is the Artville Park, which culminates in the multifunctional Urban Market. This is the basis of the town's infrastructure. There is a school, a kindergarten, the necessary household and entertainment infrastructure. The green park is filled with children's and sports grounds, recreation areas, shops, cafes and essential services.

The internal infrastructure of the house is well thought out for your safety and comfort. Each floor has a security system that includes 24-hour video surveillance, smoke and fire detectors. On the -1st floor you have a free wheelchair accessible only for residents of the building. Here you can leave your bicycles and baby carriages so as not to clutter up the apartment.

Buy an apartment in the best new building No. 21 ARTVILLE — live comfortably and safely in Odessa!