Live bright in bright ARTVILLE! The apartment in building No. 17 is one of the last opportunities to settle in a residential town under the most favorable conditions. Because this is the penultimate building that will be erected here. Choose your apartment while it is available!

House No. 17 is located in a quiet courtyard of the town, one minute's walk fr om Artvilevsky Park. It is a cozy building, the windows of which face east and west. In the catalog there are through and corner apartments with windows to several sides of the world.


Developed infrastructure is what makes it worth buying an apartment in ARTVILLE, Odesa. Everything you need for life, health, sports, and children's education is at your fingertips. Self-sufficient infrastructure makes ARTVILLE special.


In building No. 17, the issue of security has been thoroughly worked out. The security service watches over the parade grounds 24 hours a day through video surveillance cameras. The sensor system is configured for quick response in the event of smoke or fire. Thanks to a modern intercom, no one outside will get into your house.


The community is what distinguishes the ARTVILLE new building from other housing complexes in Odesa wh ere you can buy an apartment. Here you will find someone to spend time with. Interest communities have already formed in the town and they are ready to welcome new members.