House 12 is located in the heart of ARTVILLE. This is a convenient building located as close as possible to all infrastructure facilities: school, kindergarten, cafe, park, Urban Market. The windows of the house overlook the park and the courtyard.

You can choose an apartment whose windows face west or east. Layouts in which windows are located on both sides of the world are very popular. The east side is ideal for furnishing a personal office, studio, guest room. Here there is more light in the afternoon, and in the evening you can enjoy the sunsets. East-facing windows are a great option for a bedroom if you wake up early and want to get a boost of energy for the whole day.

Commercial premises are located on the first floor of the building. They are the basis for a successful business or successful real estate investment.

Building 12 is a new building in which you should buy an apartment while there are options at prices from builders, because real estate in Odesa is constantly increasing in price.