Finalist of the competition

ZEZMAN is a finalist in the Partnership for Sustainability Award 2021 in the category "Economic growth, sustainable development of cities, infrastructure and communities".

The Partnership for Sustainability Award is the main award of the UN Global Compact Network in Ukraine for sustainable development, peace, environmental and economic leadership.

The competition brings together the notable achievements made possible by businesses, local communities and the government working together to achieve sustainable development and preserve the environment, peace, social and economic results. This, in turn, allows responsible business to gain recognition both nationally and internationally. This year, about 100 applications from Eastern European countries were submitted to the competition.

The ZEZMAN project, which reached the finals of the competition, was implemented jointly with the Avangard Territorial Community. The result of this partnership was the renovation of the sports ground and the opening of a large sports space in Avangard Urban Village.

An important task for us was the arrangement of a modern place for sports and physical activity of residents of nearby areas. Prior to the renovation, the stadium looked like a godforsaken football field surrounded by a fence. After the completion of the project in the town of Avangard appeared:

  • ✅ large football field with stands for fans,
  • ✅ two open fields for mini-football,
  • ✅ field-transformer for different sports,
  • ✅ circular running track,
  • ✅ a place for strength training,
  • ✅ administrative building.

The renovated stadium allowed all Avangard residents to play sports comfortably and safely. For example, residents of the area have organized a football and volleyball team and hold amateur tournaments.

We are grateful to the jury for the high appreciation and we are confidently planning the next steps towards achieving the goals of sustainable development!